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The aim is to help organisations develop and deploy applications that are inherently more secure by design thereby:

  • Reducing the risk exposure
  • Shortening the testing cycle
  • Reducing the requirements for re-work and re-testing
  • Motivating developers by investing in their professional development and skill-set

The course is not only delivered by specialised trainers but by our own security consultants who are otherwise engaged in ‘live’ application reviews and testing. This course employs highly experienced penetration testers to deliver an intense ‘hands on’ style workshop.

The knowledge they impart is based on their experience of issues they come across on a daily basis. For existing penetration testing clients, the course can be adapted according to the findings of the test to maximise the benefit to your developers and business.

Workshop Session 1:
Aimed at raising awareness This introductory session gives a general overview of how security testers and hackers go about finding web application vulnerabilities. Delegates are also introduced to some of the most common security vulnerabilities, and how they might be exploited.

Sessions 2, 3 and 4:
Discuss a number of security areas in detail These sessions cover a number of security areas in detail, including the issues a web developer might face, typical mistakes and how to avoid them.

“The secure coding course is an extremely effective tool for raising the standard of secure coding. The course is always presented by two Pentest staff who are also penetration testers. This ensures the content is of a highly technical nature and the material isn’t simply being recycled by dedicated trainers.
Each iteration of the course has been well received by all those attending and I have had nothing but positive feedback.”

Global Software Provider
February 2015


Crest Accredited IT Health Check Service ISO 9001 IS0 27001 Cyber Essentials Accreditation