Protect your technology assets with software escrow and mitigate the risk of supplier or vendor failure.

A vast amount of your business is managed by technology you do not own and have no direct access to; making you dependent upon the third-party developer or supplier to provide the technology or service, to support you in the event of any issues and to make changes to applications as you require.

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Mitigate risk by protecting business critical applications in our secure cloud ‘vault’

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Business continuity

But what happens when your developer can no longer maintain and offer support? Mergers, insolvency and disputes could mean that you may lose access to your business critical applications.

Our virtual escrow service mitigates this risk by securely holding source code and software rights in our secure cloud-based ‘vault’ to ensure business continuity with the agreement that the material can be accessed and released if needed. This gives you the opportunity to maintain the software in house or engage with another developer – minimising the risk of using third-party supplied software.

Protect your investment

Software escrow secures your investment in technology, by protecting critical assets, such as:

  • Source code escrow
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications
  • Registry data
  • Business critical information
  • Copyright protection

Mitigate risk by protecting your business-critical applications with our software escrow service.

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