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According to a Kaspersky Lab, around 200,000 new malware samples appear on the internet every day. The same source found that 91% of businesses had at least one external IT security incident in 2013. It also found that 90% of businesses underestimate the threat of malware to their business continuity and reputation.

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Protection form cyber attack

In every industry, knowledge is power. When it comes to protecting your data from hostile attacks, you need to be confident that you have all of the information required to safeguard your business.

Secarma’s security testing solutions avert attacks by continually scanning, monitoring and auditing your systems. With the knowledge provided by our vulnerability scans, penetration tests, and security audits, you can make a significant step towards preventing hackers from entering and damaging your networks and applications.

Our expert team of security professionals has experience from both defensive and attacking perspectives. Identifying patterns, suspicious activity, and trends in your traffic are vital defensive skills, while hunting for holes in your network with the indomitable mindset of a hostile attacker is a great way to ensure watertight security. Our best-of-breed security testing methods help you to deliver a proactive business continuity plan, monitoring your processes and protecting your network against both internal and external attacks.

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