Pentest Red Teaming

360˚ security testing

Our Red Team is the closest you can get to a real-life attack scenario. With the tenacity of a genuine attacker, our team of experts will do anything to penetrate your system, from complicated computer hacking to physically picking your locks.

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Test your networks, locks and employees for a complete view of your electronic and physical security

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Security tests

This electronic and physical test of your security gives you a complete view of your business and enables you to prevent and correct any vulnerabilities.

Attacks are happening more frequently, and although the hacking methodology is often similar (Verizon says that 92% of security incidents are covered by the same nine attack patterns), information harvesting is becoming more of an art.


Find out if your physical security can withstand an attack

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What do we test for?

An insider from your own organisation simply can’t do these tests. Even if they didn’t have a part in building your systems, their level of familiarity will simplify your testing and lower its effectiveness, especially if they’re looking for faults in their own work. For PCI compliance and the best possible pen testing, outsourcing is the only option.

Red Team penetration testing techniques include:

  • OWASP Top 10 attack methods

  • SALVAGE Lock picking, dumpster diving

  • PHISHING Spear phishing and other password seizure techniques

  • CAPTURE Social engineering, keystroke logging

Anything goes with the Red Team. If you can think of a security leak, we’ll investigate it for you from every angle. Just decide the type and scope of your penetration test, and we’ll use all of our expertise to test the very limits of your organisation’s protections, monitoring, and responses.

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