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Using just one, single hole in a tiny part of your network, hackers can work their way into your infrastructure and destroy your organisation from the inside. With Symantec charting a 151% increase in targeted attack campaigns in 2015, the threat isn’t getting any smaller.

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Secure your networks by identifying security weakness and vulnerabilities before cyber hackers do

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Tried and tested frameworks

According to Mandiant, attackers can lie undetected in a network for an average of eight months, giving them access to a wealth of sensitive company data and passwords. This worrying statistic shows just how vital it is to thoroughly and regularly review your network to identify vulnerabilities before a cyber-criminal does.

Secarma has developed a wide variety of interlocking and complementary penetration testing services. We utilise a finely tuned, in-house developed methodology for penetration testing which is in-line with recognised methodologies such as OSSTM, NIST SP800-115 and OWASP.

OSSTM, NIST & OWASP recommended methodologies


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What do we test for?

Not every vulnerability makes it into the media. Thousands of bugs emerge every year and hundreds of businesses haemorrhage data but often, this happens without anybody noticing.

However, when a hacker jumps in to exploit a hole – or a whistleblower alerts news outlets to a big leak – files, systems, and reputations alike can be destroyed for good.

Our job is to stop this from happening. We seek out the cracks in your security before the hackers force them open. Examples include:

  • Unpatched Vulnerabilities in services, operating systems and applications

  • Insecure Programming or default configuration

  • Access control Weak passwords and insider attacks

  • Programming Application logic flaws

Whether you’ve been spooked by a breach, you’ve made some changes, or you’re due for an annual check-up, our expert team will thoroughly test your network from every angle to ensure the tightest security for your clients, customers, and employees. Can you afford not to?

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