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For any organisation handling data through web applications, going without penetration testing is not an option.

Data protection rules are getting tougher, and Symantec detected a 23% increase in web-based attacks in the last year. If you suffer a leak or a malicious attack, your business could face huge fines and massive reputational damage.

Some of the biggest names in ecommerce have famously weathered huge breaches, but they were the lucky ones. Research by Gartner found that only 6% of companies survive more than two years after major data losses, with 43% collapsing instantly. Losing revenue through downtime is distressing enough, but the reputational losses which result from insufficient privacy and security measures can be catastrophic.

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What do we test for?

All of our practices are based on methodology set out by OWASP. This way, we can ensure best practice when we examine your applications’ security from an attacking perspective.

According to Symantec, 1 in 8 legitimate websites has a critical vulnerability. From common vulnerabilities to complex application logic, we test the protections, monitoring, and responses of your websites and applications to ensure watertight, fully compliant security for your end users, these include:

  • Unpatched Vulnerabilities in services, operating systems and applications

  • Insecure Programming or default configuration

  • Access control Weak passwords and insider attacks

  • Programming Application logic flaws

Whether you’re looking for PCI compliance or a routine check-up, our expert team is here to help.

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