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With household names suffering huge data leaks on a worryingly frequent basis, and breaches costing small businesses up to £65,000 on average (according to PWC research), testing and certifying IT security has become an urgent priority.

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Our ethical hackers expose your weaknesses to help you reinforce your business networks

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Fortify your network against attack

Penetration testing, also known as ethical hacking, simulates a security breach to seek out and assess a system’s vulnerabilities before the hackers get to them. Our thorough processes begin with scanning your infrastructure for every type of vulnerability imaginable, then delving into a full scale attack to identify the possible ways a hacker could access your network.

Small businesses, public sector organisations, and global enterprises are all at risk of malicious attacks. So whether you’re holding bank details or brunch orders, medical records or menial notes, let our expert team assess your system, and ensure your security is protected from hostile attacks.


Reveal unauthorised access, security threats and exploitation in real-time

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How we do it

Secarma’s penetration tests are designed to simulate real-life attack scenarios without damaging or disrupting your business processes. A full assault is launched to test the ability of your systems/environment to withstand attacks, this covers the following:

  • External attack on a site / IP range
  • Security of the hosting solution
  • IPS
  • VPN
  • Firewall
  • MINIMISE RISKS A preventative approach that interrogates your infrastructure for vulnerabilities.

  • EXPOSE WEAKNESS Protect your business, employees, suppliers and clients from holes in your security solutions and avoid data theft.

  • EVALUATE SECURITY Regular tests are essential to certify that your infrastructure can protect your business against the latest threats.

Our proactive approach involves a regular risk assessment that scans your infrastructure for any vulnerabilities. Repeating this test is vital, as hacking techniques quickly evolve to bypass security patches.

Pentest Accreditations IT Health Check Service Crest Accredited Cyber Essentials Accreditation