Cookies are a vital piece of technology, they enable important functionality across many of the largest and smallest websites as well as playing a part in making the internet user friendly.

In using any of our websites ( linking to this policy, you are opting in to the select use of the first-party cookies listed in the table below.

You may opt-out using the most popular browsers with the following methods. Please be aware that in doing so, many websites you visit may not perform correctly.

We do not use third-party cookies or share any information you give us with anyone else.


Our Cookie Policy

Strictly Necessary
Required for our sites to work correctly
  • These allow us to deliver the site to you continuously, even during periods of heavy traffic as they speak directly to our load balancers
  • An unidentifiable ID is used along with the load balancer identified to provide you with high-availability
  • This ensures you are always provided with a quick and responsive browsing experience
  • These expire as soon as you close your browser and are completely anonymous.
Performance & Analytical UTMA
  • This measures new and returning visitors
  • It also takes note of your current visit to the site, first visit to the site, when you last visited and the number of visits made
  • This cookie will automatically expire two years after last use
  • All of this data is completely anonymous and unusable by anything other than Google Analytics.
  • Measure when your session has ended
  • Expire automatically within 30 minutes of your last pageview.
  • Monitors if you came from a specific marketing campaign, i.e. a particular email or advert somewhere, so we can improve our advertising
  • Also checks which source you came from, i.e. search engine, twitter or directly to the site, the medium you found us under, i.e. pay-per-click or organically, and the keyword you typed in to find us in the first place
  • This expires automatically, 6 months from your last visit.
Functional comment_author_id#/ comment_author_email_id#
  • Upon submitting a comment to one of our blogs, the information you enter is remembered in order to make it easier for you to comment next time
  • This information is never shared with anyone or used to identify you.


All of this allows us to tailor the site around delivering you the best user experience possible; inspiring blog posts, instructional videos, site architecture, and much more. This way, we can make the most of your time on our website.

See here for the official Google descriptions of the UTMA/B/C/Z cookies.

There are several Google produced plugins for your browser which will specifically opt you out of Google Analytics tracking on any website: Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.

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